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novembre, 2022


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5 novembre 2022 - 11 febbraio 2023 ( All Day)(GMT+02:00)


Galleria Franco Noero

Via Mottalciata 10/B

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Walls – Henrik Olesen – Galleria Franco Noero a Torino

05 novembre 2022 — 11 febbraio 2023

La Galleria Franco Noero è felice di presentare a Torino la mostra personale di Henrik Olesen, “Walls“.

Walls - Henrik Olesen - Galleria Franco Noero a Torino

Henrik Olesen’s artworks often contain a variety of references to gay subculture and homosexual history.
He uses information in the form of text, images and other materials at hand to address relations of power and social norms. He often focuses on concepts of categories
and hierarchies in order to propose possible ways of their re-arrangement and deconstruction. It used to be like this; it is no longer the case.
The new works on canvas and masonite panels combine varieties of colorful and dark liquids, thickening agents and sticky varnishes. On some surfaces, the plasticity of the oil color mediums are combined with glued-on prints on translucent film and paper, as well as handwritten text on masking tape, and spray-painted plugboards. Other surfaces are sanded down again and overpainted.


The works the picures the digestive system of the body, within a variety of motives of organs, such as the intestine, stomach, liver, and kidney.
A recurring motif of intestines was taken from Jean Fautrier’s L’Homme ouvert,1923.

2 new doorways have been cut into the walls, displaying the insides of the architecture.



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