gennaio, 2020

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The Steve Riot Band al Blah Blah di Torino

Al Blah Blah di Torino il 5 gennaio Steve Riot Band a seguire dj set a tema Ingresso 7 euro!
The Steve Riot Band is the new project of swedish frontman Steve Riot and his gang. The musicians are from four different countries and the list of bands they were and are involved is impressive: Ronnie Dawson, Wild Rooster, Demented are Go, The Hellbillys, Sandy & the Wombats, Don Diego Trio, Dave Phillips & the Hotrod Gang – so to name a few.
The sound style of the songs written by Steve, is pure English rock’n’roll and rockabilly of the 80s, reminiscent of bands like Crazy Cavan, Matchbox, Lou Cifer..


(Domenica) 22:00


Blah Blah

via Po 21, 10124 Torino