gennaio, 2020

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The Spyrals al Blah Blah di Torino

Al Blah Blah di Torino martedì 21 Gennaio ore 22.00 – Ingresso 5 euro – The Spyrals // San Francisco – Usa // Psych – Fuzz – Driving Rock // Self Produced //

The Spyrals started out in San Francisco, releasing their
debut album in 2012 and followed up with Out of Sight in
2013. Their latest album, The Curse , continues down the
road of fuzzed out driving rock and roll they have come to
be known for.
Now based in Los Angeles with a fresh lineup and another
album recorded, theyʼve gotten back to playing live and
continue to evolve their sound.
Led by Jeff Lewis with a harmonica and guitar, the
comparisons to Stones, Stooges, and Creedence choogle
are swirling around some Crazy Horse dimension theyʼve
passed through recently.
Ready to release a new album soon, weʼll wait to see how
those classic influences are filtered through modern ears.


(Martedì) 22:00


Blah Blah

via Po 21, 10124 Torino